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Why Karate

Why Karate


Increased attention span                                       Improves grades at school

Leadership skills                                                     Improves Confidence

Lifelong goal setting skills                                    Muscular strength

                                                                    Respect for others & Self                                       Better co-ordination                                                             

Greater Self-Esteem                                               Total body Fitness

The Martial art of Karate & Self Defence training also gives young people something gravely needed in today’s society, the strength to say “NO” to negative peer pressure, and to replace the negative, with the positive in thought, word and deed.

Allows students to become leaders, not followers, within their peer groups. It offers the advantages needed in today’s fast changing world. Children today are faced with tough decisions at increasingly younger and more vulnerable ages. The pressure on our kids to use drugs and join gangs progressively increases throughout primary and high school. Our program teaches children the skills necessary to make wiser decisions and to resist negative peer pressure. As an added benefit, our students develop positive self-esteem and self-discipline. These attributes are critical for achieving their desired goals in school and overall life skills.

Traditional Karate and Self Defence is the perfect lifelong activity. It can be practiced at any age, and does not require exceptional flexibility or strength. The self-defence skills learned might very well one day save your life. It is a fun, yet challenging way to gradually get into shape.

You will burn fat, gain greater energy and develop a toned, stronger and healthier body.

It also offers a wide range of mental and spiritual qualities. These include confidence, control and self-discipline to achieve success, mental calm in emergencies, stress management and lifelong leadership skills.


Karate is one of the traditional martial arts of self-defence. It incorporates the principles of balance, leverage and momentum to gain control of the opponent. A curriculum consisting of grappling, throwing, striking, pressure points and joint locks. Karate will assist you mentally and physically in a wide variety of situations.

All techniques are taught for self-defence situations and are practiced with one or more partners. As you progress you learn the subtleties of Karate and discover why techniques work the way they do. Not only will you acquire great practical expertise but you will also develop a thorough theoretical background in Karate and Self defence.


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